Our Process to Preserve Your Memories

Recording Your Voice, Your Story

We give you a set of questions to stimulate your memories. Funny stories, emotional memories, nostalgia and looking into the future are wrapped together to make an entertaining recording that will delight family and friends for years to come.

After you have reviewed the questions, we schedule a session at our recording studio or your home.

We ask the questions you want us to ask, and then sit back and quietly let you answer them. Having a host who actively listens to your responses and asks follow up questions to keep you on track is key.

Once the interview is complete, we clean up the sound and put it on archival quality USB drive. Our basic package gives you one drives and you can order more.

We can also create a professional podcast for you. Do you have a story you want the world to hear? Maybe it’s a story about your parents. Or it could be something that you accomplished.

This podcast will be uploaded to a special platform that you can share with your friends and family on social media.

In addition to being on the web, the podcast will also be part of your USB drive.

Don McNeill and Steven Rosenberg

Steven Rosenberg is the recording engineer and Don McNeill is the host. 

USB & Technology

We are certain that technology will change. We have tried to meet the challenge by providing your interview on a state of the art, top quality USB drive.

This the best technology for today’s purpose. Our USB has 10 years of data retention and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The 16 GB drive has plenty of room for you to upload documents and photos that you would like to preserve.

The USB drive comes with a built-in key loop and an LED activity indicator.

We will store your interview in two formats: MP3 and WAV. MP3 is the standard for music listening. WAV format can cover the full frequency that the human ear is able to hear.

Given that the both formats and USB are ubiquitous, we feel that when the time comes to transition, this interview will be very easy to convert to whatever comes next.

Sit down and tell your story in our comfortable recording studio.

Our mission is to preserve your voice and your stories for future generations to enjoy. Interested in learning more?