Conversation Starters –
Making the Most of the Recording Session

We want you to be ready when you come to record your conversation. Your preparation in deciding what you want to discuss BEFORE coming is key to creating a memorable recording.

Meaningful stories often focus on challenge, choice and outcome. Reflect on what moments in your life presented you with a challenge. Why did you feel this was a challenge? Why did you make the choice you did? How did the outcome feel? What did you learn?

A thoughtful question can open up an entire thread of conversation. Feel free to develop your own questions or use our guide for inspiration.

Develop the words you want to use. Paint vivid word pictures. We invite you to write down what you want us to ask – and your responses.

We want to capture your voice and emotions telling your stories.

The following are idea starters and the basis for the conversation.

Basic information

• What is your full name?
• What is your date of birth?
• Where were you born?
• What is the name of your spouse? Where & when were you married?

Your family

• What are the names of your parents? Where we they from? Tell us about your parents. Do you have a story you want to share about them?
• What are the names of your siblings? Do you remember their birthdays? What is your relationship with your siblings? Where are they now?
• What do you remember about your grandparents?
• Are there any family stories your family tells about you that come to mind?
Your history
• What do you remember about your early childhood? Where did you grow up? Do you remember the homes you lived in?
• Where did you start school? What do you remember from school? Who was your favorite teacher? What was your favorite/hardest class?
• Who was your best friend growing up? What adventures/memories do you have?
• Tell us about any pets you had. Your first car. Who taught you how to drive?
• Where did you go to college?
• Where have you worked? What was your first job? Your best job? How did you get in your line of work?
• Did you serve in the military? When? Where? Do you have some stories to share?
• If you could anything now, what would it be? Why?


• How did you meet your spouse/significant other? How did you know she/he was “the one”?
• Describe your wedding day.
• What lessons have you learned from your relationships?
• How many children do you have? What are their names and ages? What was it like raising them? What stories do you want to share? Where are they now?
• Do you have grandchildren? What are their names & ages? Where do they live?


• Can you tell me about your religious beliefs/spiritual beliefs? What is your religion?
• What accomplishment are you most proud of? Why?
• Would you like to share stories about illnesses/tragedies/setbacks have you suffered? What do you learn from those experiences?
• How do you want to be remembered?

Preparing for your conversation

After reviewing the questions, what are 3-5 main topics that you would like to touch upon in your conversation?
1. ____________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________
5. ____________________________________________
Are there any topics you do not want to discuss?
1. ____________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________

Hitting the “record” button

Our goal at Family Legacies Project is to create a preserve your memories in a format that future generations can share. It’s analogous to a scrapbook of photos. It’s your story in your voice.

Please contact us at 919-617-9753 or if you have questions.

Click here for a pdf version of these questions which you can complete on your computer to prepare for the conversation.