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Everyone has a story to share

Everyone has a funny family story. Listen to Marcia Harris talk about something her mother experienced as a young child:     Don Steichen talks about his first car:   These are funny stories -- in [...]

Help, I think I might be aging…

My daughter is very tenderhearted. For a long time we avoided the subject of death, which means we avoided pretty much all Disney movies. But when she was 4 years old she was coloring at the kitchen table. She looks [...]

Wish I had a recording of my late wife, Bracha

My wife, Bracha Zaviv Rosenberg, z’l, passed away on July 5, 2013 – two days after her 61st birthday. She fought a valiant battle against ovarian cancer. Her parents came from Yemen to Israel. She had stories to tell about [...]

Mark Twain’s Voice

What did Mark Twain sound like? We will never know – his voice died with him in 1910. He was the first American celebrity. Mr. Twain gave speeches all over the world. Nobody spoke to more audiences than [...]

Sound Quality Crucial

We all have different talents. Being a sound engineer requires having a trained ear and knowledge of recording software. It takes an expert. We found Dara Crawford in England to help with the podcasts and now with Family Legacies Project. [...]

How Family Legacies Project Started

Family Legacies Project has taken some interesting twist and turns before being launched. A few months ago, I started working with Don McNeill to do podcasts as Mark Twain Speaks. All the information about doing podcasts said it was very [...]