Clare Ansberry wrote “The Questions You Wish You Had Asked Your Parents “ in the Wall Street Journal on March 1, 2020. (Click here for a pdf version.)

My Mom read this article and told me about it.

This article captures EXACTLY what we are trying to achieve with Family Legacies Project.

I interviewed my Mom and found out things I had never imagined before. It was fascinating.

I had to do it twice because of recording difficulties. Even though I asked the same questions, I got different answers.

After interviewing my Mom, I think it would have been easier for an outsider to do handle the questions.


Because I was tempted to interject myself and take the conversation in a different direction. On the other hand, I had enough knowledge of the subject to probe deeper.

My Mom is currently locked up in her senior community in Peoria, IL. Through the miracle of Skype, she has meet her great granddaughter Bracha Maayan who lives in Israel.

Baby Bracha doesn’t understand what is happening. After all, she is only a few months old.

However, because of the recording I made, I hope she will enjoy hearing my Mom’s voice many years from now.

I am hoping to record people thru their computer while we are under quarantine. It’s a tough time for all of us, but now is the time to preserve those memories for posterity.

Call me at 919-617-9753 to see how we can make this work.