We are all stuck. I feel a special empathy with those in the senior communities trying to take care of our parents and grandparents during this unprecedented crisis.

Several months ago I developed the Nostalgia Game to take into Senior Communities just to provide a few minutes of pleasure. Our goal was to make it a selling tool for our main business — recording people’s voices and stories for future generations.

I was working on an marketing strategy targeting senior communities to use our products and services to get new residents.

That seems so long ago — less than a month ago. It’s incredible how much has changed in such a short time.

There is only one rule for The Nostalgia Game – Have Fun!

Pull out a card, read it and answer the question. It’s that simple.

There are no right or wrong responses, only your memories and opinions. Everyone’s a winner!

Smile, laugh, and enjoy!

Download the Game & Play

Well, I am taking this crisis an opportunity. This game can easily be played on online, especially with Zoom or something similar.

I have the questions as both a PowerPoint or PDF format for you to download. 

I have a Zoom account and am willing to help you with it. Call me at 919-848-4332.

I am also willing to do interviews to preserve the stories that you want to share.

Please stay safe and good luck. This too shall pass…..