My wife, Bracha Zaviv Rosenberg, z’l, passed away on July 5, 2013 – two days after her 61st birthday. She fought a valiant battle against ovarian cancer.

Her parents came from Yemen to Israel. She had stories to tell about her family.

We had stories about how we met. Our wedding. About our children.

We have pictures.

But I don’t have any recordings of her voice.

As I write this in August 2019, I am excited by the prospect of having a granddaughter in a few months.

I look forward to holding her, hugging her and telling her my stories.

But I can’t share her Grandmother Bracha’s voice and stories. I like to think that when she grows up, she would have loved to listen to Bracha’s story. Maybe in 10 years, 20 years or more.

That’s one of the driving forces behind this project – to be able to preserve a slice of time that can be shared generations in the future. I hope that she will both laugh and cry as she hears the stories that make up our daily life.