This family picture was taken at my Aunt Reva & Bill Egherman’s wedding in Jefferson City, MO on November 8, 1959.

In the back row, the picture shows my grandfather, David Herman, next to my Mother, Ann Herman Rosenberg, my Dad, Leonard Rosenberg, my paternal Grandmother, Mollie Levey Rosenberg, my maternal Grandmother Ethel Schneider Herman, and my Aunt Faye Herman Roth.

In the front is my brother Richard Louis Rosenberg, me, and my sister Janet Lynn Rosenberg, who was the flower girl.

My grandfather, my grandmothers and my father have passed away.

I can’t believe how cute I looked – but that is a different story.

I have container loads of old pictures, many with family and friends who I no longer recognize. How can I organize them? I don’t want to discard them, but will my children want them?

Family Legacies Project is an attempt to keep alive the voice and stories and those who have passed away. I have recorded my mother and I have done one to share with my children.