Family Legacies Project has taken some interesting twist and turns before being launched.

A few months ago, I started working with Don McNeill to do podcasts as Mark Twain Speaks.

All the information about doing podcasts said it was very simple. The experts claimed all you have to do is buy a microphone and start posting.

It’s not that easy. You need a studio – a small place that is carpeted and quiet.

Okay, I redid my son’s bedroom.

You need to clean up the sound before posting. I found a sound engineer in England. I have neither the time or ability to fix up the sound so it sounds professional.

The software is more complex than I anticipated. My mantra is just because I know how to use Word, that doesn’t make me a poet. Better to have a professional handle it.

Then I started hearing stories from members of the local Jewish community. I started thinking of how these memories could be shared with a younger generation.

I had a Eureka moment when I combined the idea of recording a podcast with telling personal stories.

But a podcast was not the right format. It turns out that most people want privacy when they tell their stories.

How can we preserve the voices and the stories?

The first thought was burning a CD to give, but I soon found out that CDs are obsolete. Almost as obsolete as 8-track recordings.

I asked around and found out of USB drives. Technology is definitely going to change, but the USB is so ubiquitous that any they should be around for a long time.

Turns out that USBs come in different flavors. We got the best quality USB drives with a lifetime guarantee.

We also put the recorded in files in two formats – MP3 and WAV. MP3 is the standard for listening but is slightly compressed. The WAV files are better for editing. Both of these formats have been around for several years and we expect to that they will be accessible in future generations.

We look forward to recording your voice and your story. Contact us to get started.